Don’t Miss the Comment Threads Right Now…

… at the Wily Socrates posts # 4 and # 5. They should be my front page right now.

If you’re a visitor, I recommend you read both of those posts and their comment threads, starting with # 4. I wish there were a way we could see notices of all the new comments from the front page. Recent Comments simply changes too quickly, so you can be unaware of whole recently emergent threads. (I have added a partial guide under Pages, called “Red-Hot Comment Threads,” but it can’t keep up with the thinking and discussion.)

We have an unusual situation here, because the various posts and comment threads are continuing what is basically all one complex on-going discussion and often the newest and best reading is off the front page. With most blogs, you can simply pick a post whose specific content interests you and assume that all of its related comments are right there following it. Here? Good luck!

Anyhow, please do enjoy the red-hot comment threads following WS # 4 and # 5! We are closing in, quite precisely it seems to me, on the enigmatic area that lies “between” the existence of “external reality” and so-called “social constructionism.”

I am contending that poststructuralist and Saussurean theory can help us out in avoiding — or at least in understanding better — the frequent controversies between science and postmodern thought in our own Anglo-American intellectual setting.

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