The conquest of “matter” by energy… Bulgakov blog conference

No doubt everyone can tell that I wrote the previous post after a long period of being quite ill (from this chronic pericarditis of mine).

Now that I have been feeling much better for a number of weeks, the crafted essays are back on track. But I hope ways will emerge to keep the liveliness of the classroom give-and-take, to keep the conversational and the occasional….

Along those lines, please let me refer you, my readers to the blog conference on Russian Sophiology (the theology found in Sophia, the Wisdom of God and other works written by the Russian Orthodox theologian Sergei Bulgakov) that Dan and others have been hosting for the past two weeks over at

The conference is concluding with a dialogue between myself and Joshua Delpech-Ramey, and you will find Part One here,dealing with Sophia in the Renaissance (Augustine and Donne). (Thank you, Joshua, for conceiving of this conversational and occasional setting.) Earlier days of the conference have dealt with the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, and created beauty in relationship to the beautiful life of the triune Godhead. I think you will find some very creative and nourishing theological meditation is to be found in Bulgakov, especially for poets, perhaps….. And it is explicated in some lovely papers over there.

In my part of the dialogue (Part Two), you will see that I am carrying on some of the conversations between science and faith (especially with physics) for which I founded this weblog…. Everything I say over there carries within it the imprint of the spirited conversations we carried on here for a year or so — on QM and the history of physics. (Thanks again for those conversations.) I will be posting more of the fruits they have borne in my thinking, here, in weeks to come.)

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