Bravo for 3 Quarks Daily — Richard Dawkins Interview

Over at 3 quarks daily, a British Christian interviews anti-theist campaigner Richard Dawkins at his home in Oxford. It’s fascinating! It shows just the irony I tried to get at in my last post, about how the Darwinians are doing such great thinking but aiming it all against the “ghost” in the machine, thinking that ghost is God, when scientific Cartesianism invented it through the mind-nature split. Be sure to read the comments also. And once you’re there, notice the really rich selection of thought pieces surrounding it. Zizek is always there, and Martha Nussbaum, but the array is breath-taking. I could spend all day reading at 3 quarks daily, but force myself to skim…. (Dawkins says he believes in something we will discover, something awe-inspiring and transcendent and better than anything we could conceptualize, something that is out there behind the universe; it just isn’t “God.”) 

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