Addendum to “Scientists — wont to look down…”

I need to correct the link to soulforce.  (I’m a humanities prof, not a computer genius!)  You’ll get there if you replace .com with .org.  — even  if this link still doesn’t work:     Sooo, my quizzical son says to me, with that characteristic gentle solemnity of his, “Well, Mom, but you aren’t gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender….”  (Thus sons  do love to provocate their mothers.)  “No, I’m not,” I say, “but I am an Episcopalian!”  Do you, gentle readers, have any idea of the courage of what these students are doing?   They’re a model for respectful confrontation, which we could use in our own conversations between science and faith.  (Btw, I may not be GLBT, but I did spend many, many years being very alone, shamed, and persecuted — but that is another story… maybe I’ll tell it here someday.)   All the other amazingly poetic, powerful, profound, and persuasive things I have to say must wait for my next post. (But please go to Pages and read in Session One.)

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